Code of Conducts and Protocol

Knowing is the beginning of action, and action is the result of knowing. Firm ideal faith and cultural concept should be turned into action and be tested through practice. Actions speak louder than words. Actions are more important when implementing the Credo of CSCEC. Much attention is to be internalized in the heart of the staff. The culture requirement of CSCEC can only be met when the core culture ideology is turned into staff behavior and custom in their daily work, both internally and externally.

The Code of Conduct and Protocol is the extension of the Credo of CSCEC, and it is the guide for implementing the Credo of CSCEC.

The Code of Conduct and Protocol is composed of two parts.

'Ten Codes of Conduct' advocates and requires managerial behavior and custom of staff. Among which, 'organizational behavior' attaches importance to the business ethics,and raise clear requirements as how to create sound organizational environment as well as improve the corporation cultural capacity.'Individual behavior' is concerned with detailed instructions, guiding and advocating the daily behavior of all CSCEC staff. 'We are against' makes standards of bottom line, and alerts staff from doing things against CSCEC culture.

‘Nine Aspects of Protocol’ sets up etiquette rules for CSCEC staff. Following standards of an internationalized corporation, the protocol explains the etiquette rules and detailed behavior that staff should pay attention to at the business and social circumstances. It helps staff to improve their professional quality, communication skills and set up good manner of both individual and the corporation.

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Ten Codes of Conduct

Nine Aspects of Protocol

General Provisions

Detailed Rules

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