Concept of responsibility

Concept of responsibility

We take "developing happiness-filled space for stakeholders" as our mission, and take mission, vision, core values and enterprise spirit as the most basic principles and concepts that the company believes in and upholds when dealing with the relationship with clients, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders.

Responsibility culture

Culture and brand are c-existing, because a global famous brand must be supported by culture. Focusing on the mission of "expanding a happy living environment " and the core values of "quality assurance and value creation", we construct the corporate responsibility culture from the perspective of "culture and culture leading responsibility" with the carrier of "China Construction Doctrine" and "Ten Classics and Nine chapters", and promote the integration of responsibility into management, daily operation and employee work, and form the cultural leading social responsibility model.

Responsibility System

We set up the Social Responsibility Committee composed of corporate executives and department heads. The committee is responsible for drafting the overall CSR plans within the Company and establishing a social responsibility working system that covers all levels and fields of the Company. The social responsibility committee has a general office responsible for drafting social responsibility working plans and management system; organizing and implementing social responsibility practice; conducting external CSR communication and compiling sustainability reports.

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