Legal Statement

The website is created by CSCEC International Operations (hereinafter referred to as CSCEC International or the Company). Any individual who wants to use this website should carefully read the following terms beforehand.

All the data, information and other contents of the website are provided by CSCEC International. If any individual entered the website, read any content of the website, downloaded any materials or used the data provided by the website, it means that the individual had read, understood and agreed to abide by these terms which had constituted an agreement between CSCEC International and you. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the website. CSCEC International reserves the right to update the following terms at any time without notice and the updated terms will have binding effects on you.

Any of the information and contents provided by the website shall not be used for any illegal purposes or they shall not be used in any way that does not conform to the following terms.

The information released by the website can be used only for reference and it shall not be used for any commercial purpose.

Privacy Protection

Users can anonymously access the website and obtain information. If a user wants to use the website, services will be provided for the user by the website only after the user signs up at the website. To sign up, the user shall agree to the following item: The user shall provide the true, correct, latest and complete data on the user according to the prompt messages of the service registry, update them frequently and ensure that the data are the true, correct, latest and complete data.

The corporate solemn commitments: The Company shall strictly keep secret the personal information stored by the user and it shall neither disclose nor provide any of the information to any unrelated third party. Meanwhile, the website shall adopt reasonable security means to protect the information stored by the user.

Right Statement

The data, information, domain names, trade names, trademarks, words, information, page layout, graphics, patterns, images, sounds, flows, procedures and the other rights enjoyed and reserved by the Company that are displayed or described at the website are protected by the Chinese laws, regulations, normative law documents and relevant international treaties. All the above-mentioned rights are enjoyed and reserved by China Construction. Any infringement of the above-mentioned rights may result in some corresponding civil, administrative and criminal liability.

Special announcement: All the patterns and word trademarks used at the website of CSCEC International Operations,such as “中建” and “CSCEC” are the registered trademarks of China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd. and the corresponding rights are protected by the Chinese laws. The two domain names — and — are owned by CSCEC International Operations. The domain names cannot be used by any organizations or individuals without the corporate written authorization.

Predictive description

The information released at the website may include some predictive descriptions on the corporate operating strategies, expected performances, investment plans, industrial competitions, etc. The descriptions are in essence rather risky and uncertain, aiming to reflect the corporate current opinions on some future events instead of any guarantees for any future business performances. When “predict”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “intend”, “plan”, “possible”, “believe” and other similar words are used to describe something in the contents of the website, if the description is related to the Company, the purpose of the word use is to indicate that the descriptions are predictive descriptions. The Company does not intend to constantly update these predictive descriptions.

The corporate actual performances may quite different from the predictive performances due to some risk factors and these risk factors shall be disclosed and described in the corporate annual reports, interim reports, provisional reports and temporary announcements. If some investors carried out some investment projects such as financial investment projects and securities investment projects according to the information, data and charts provided at the website, the profits and losses of the investors caused by the investment projects shall not be related to the Company.


The Company shall guarantee neither the accuracy, timeliness, integrity and reliability of any contents displayed at the website nor any results possibly obtained by using the contents. It shall not guarantee the server and network stability of the website and it shall not ensure that the website can be browsed, read, copied and used at any time.

If the website and the contents provided at the website are unable to be used or are wrongly used, the Company shall bear no responsibilities for it. If some virus or other destructive program is brought to the computer of a user and causes any damage or loss of the computer system, software, hardware, IT system or property of the user when the user accesses, browses or uses the website or the user downloads some content from the website, the Company shall not bear any responsibilities for the damage or loss.

If any person makes decisions according to the contents of the website or relying on the contents of the website and some of the decisions cause the person to be responsible for some direct, indirect, supplementary, subordinate, derivative or exemplary damage, within the sphere permitted by law, the Company shall not bear any responsibilities for the damage. The damage or loss includes but is not limited to the income loss, the credit loss, the expected profit loss and the other tangible and intangible losses such as business loss, information and data loss and property damage.

The viewpoints expressed or implied in the articles and data displayed at the website as the articles and data from the other sources are not the viewpoints of CSCEC International Operations.

Termination Clause

According to the terms of the agreement or under other circumstances, as long as you destroy all the software, documents, files and materials related to the website, it constitutes the termination of the agreement.


No users are allowed to establish a hyperlink to the website at their websites without the corporate prior written permission.

Some links are established at the website to better serve the users. However, the other websites are not controlled by the website. Therefore, if a user browsed any other website through a link at the website, it is regarded as that the user did not browse the website. The website shall not bear any responsibility for any network information the user gets from any other websites.


The law of the People’s Republic of China is applicable to all the controversies and disputes related to the website or the website statement. All the disputes related to the website and the website statement are governed by the people’s court with the jurisdiction.

The right to interpret the statement and the website use belongs to CSCEC International Operations.

Best regards.

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