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CSCEC International Operations, headquartered in Beiijing, is part of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (CSCEC or the Group), which is the largest construction and investment group in the world. It is the only domestic establishment of CSCEC specializing in overseas business. Serving as an incubator of overseas business and a platform of overseas investment and model upgrading, CSCEC International Operations mainly targets at guiding overseas development of other subsidiaries and branches in the CSCEC system. By keeping exploring new markets, new business and new models, it bears the responsibility of promoting transformation and upgrading as well as high-quality development of overseas business of the whole group.

CSCEC International Operations used to be the Group’s Overseas Operations, which was restructured in June 2018. To perform the “Priority to Overseas Business” Policy, accelerate the pace of “going global”, play a better role in the One Belt One Road construction and improve management and supervision of overseas business, the new CSCEC International Operations was established as a company rather than a department with administrative functions as it used to be. Currently, it is actively increasing its global presence by setting up 42 overseas establishments of different types in over 30 countries and regions, undertaking projects in such sectors as housing, infrastructure, investment and development, China-aided projects as well as embassy and consulate buildings.

CSCEC would be what it is now without its overseas development. Specializing in international business, CSCEC International Operation has inherited the fine tradition and valuable experience accumulated in over 30 years’ overseas development. Equipped with a professional team with international vision and rich experience in international business and rely on the full industrial chain of the Group, it has outstanding advantage in exploring the international market, integrating global resources, innovating business models, cooperating with international counterparts and financing from the overseas market.

To actively carry out the One Belt One Road Initiative, CSCEC International Operations, based on local markets, insists on innovation, localization, market-based competition, financing & investment as well as systematic management. It has undertaken and constructed many overseas projects with significant influence, such as the PKM Project in Pakistan (Sukkur-Multan Section), CBD of Egyptian New Administrative Capital, franchise of the No. 1 National Road in the Republic of Congo, Extension of Southern Expressway Project in Sri Lanka, Port Gentil Stadium Project in Gabon, Suvarnabhumi Airport Project in Thailand, the No. 4 Bridge in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Green Line Light Rail Project in Israel, China-aided stadium project in Cambodia and China-aided drug treatment center in Philippines. These projects, showcasing China Proposal, China Technology, China Speed and China Quality, are highly praised by governments and peoples of host countries. Now the company is expanding its business from traditional housing, road and bridge sectors to railway, subway, and industrial facility sectors, diversifying its business models from traditional contracting to models integrating investment, construction, and operation as well as franchised operation, so as to pushing the Group ahead to the top of the global contracting industrial chain.

Innovation will usher in bright future. Only by shirking no responsibilities, can we fulfill our mission. As a new era is approaching, CSCEC International Operation will seize the historic opportunities in the country’s new round of opening up, focus on the Group’s “One Establishment Four Strengths” Strategic Goal, carry on the fine tradition of the Group in overseas development and fulfil its mission of “Expanding a Having Living Environment”. It will also actively participate in the One Belt One Road construction, guide the Group’s overseas business through innovation-driven and high-quality development, provide one-package solution including investment, construction and operation to global clients and help build CSCEC into a world top-notch company with global competitiveness. 

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